Knitting Noro

I’m currently knitting Janis Cortese’s Broadstreet Mittens and am absolutely loving the Noro Kuryeon sock yarn I purchased at Modern Yarn last week. After immediately casting on for the second mitten I realized that the pattern’s missing instructions for “reverse everything for the right hand” presented some slight problems… I’m knitting the second (right hand) mitten inside out (purling instead of knitting) to try and mirror the left hand. Will see if I’m successful. Pictured is my completed left “glitten,” open and closed!


Who’s Got the Beagle(s)?

Here’s my girls Ariel and Nikol resting between pestering me for part of my lunch…they’re cute and persistent in their quest for food!


Welcome to my blog! I’m looking forward to my new adventures in this online community!

I’ve been knitting for almost 4 years now and enjoying it immensely. Here is my latest FO, the Lizard Ridge Hat, pattern by Zephknits.