Hamster + Yarn =?

We had Daniel’s first grade class hamster “Muddy Puddles” at our house last weekend. I introduced her to some Patons Classic Wool but she didn’t quite know what to make of it!

All I can say is this hamster, a female, is w-a-y bigger and hairier than my almost 2-year old boy hamster, “Yogi”. Yogi is a shy little guy; he takes treats from me but immediately runs back into his bed.


A Whole New World

We recently had our 50’s-era porch, complete with jalousie windows renovated. Yes, there was sheetrock, spackle, dust, fumes, etc. The old paint color (previous homeowner chose it) was a yawn-inducing shade of slate blue striated to look like sick woodgrain.
Well, it was definitely worth the pain of having contractors in my home — and our little porch off the kitchen is so cozy now that we have insulated walls and REAL honest-to-goodness windows! And the beagles just love their new digs…see?

Knit and That

I became a Ravelry member last June and didn’t do too much with it for awhile. Little did I know how much enjoyment I would derive from this site! Once I delved in, I was delighted to be able to catalog all the knitting odds and ends I had left all over the place. Adding patterns to my Ravelry queue is my current favorite (like I’m really going to knit all that stuff this year LOL). I just have to say I’m hooked and was a little PO’ed yesterday when I had to switch over to work for awhile…

Speaking of working from home, that is now possible again thanks to hooking up with Verizon. Our previous internet provider failed to provide reliable internet access and I moved to greener pastures. Conducted my phone interviews yesterday without any internet gags hiccups. This made me so happy I had to finish my first RPM sock for the Sock-A-Month5 KAL! Here it is:

I usually knit on size 2 DPN’s but despite swatching, my last socks (Monkeys) came out disastrously baggy around the heel area. I went down to size 1’s and the RPM sock fits perfectly! It’s in Socks That Rock (Lucy colorway). Gotta love that yarn!

Pink Medicine

We went to a roller skating birthday party last weekend. This event wasn’t without incident, my husband Neil took a tumble and broke his right arm…the mandatory dose of two pink donuts makes everything all better…see?