Knittime Excitement

On Monday 2/11 I attended the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in NYC. As a dedicated breeder/owner/handler of beagles I was screaming in the rafters at the Garden when Ch. K-Run’s Park Me in First, a.k.a. “Uno” took best of breed in the 15″ variety. Later that night he went on to win the Hound Group. This absolutely superb dog made Westminster history last night by being the first beagle in 100 years of Westminster shows to take Best in Show – his performance was heart-stopping, and I was proud of Uno and his handler Aaron Wilkerson and also proud that I didn’t drop any stitches off my DPN’s (last night’s show was viewed from my recliner).

You go, team UNO! Hey, maybe some of that good luck will rub off on me and my showgirls.

My Sock-of-the-Month 5 project is now complete; presenting my version of Jane Cochran’s Hedgerow Socks in a fantastic burnt-spice Koigu:

Back to the topic of Best in Show, last weekend was the Annual Pinewood Derby race in Glen Ridge. Both Boy and Girl Scouts participated (it was the first time for Girl Scouts to compete in my town). Here’s a photo of the Girl Scout racing lineup — Haley’s car is the blue one at the far end labeled, “Mercedes”

Daniel and Haley didn’t win any prizes for speed but a fun day was had by all.


4 Responses

  1. I love that the beagle won – what a personality!

    Those are some really attractive socks, I think you did a great job.

    I’m glad the pinewood derby was fun. I’d never even heard of it until last year, but it sure inspires some great creativity …

  2. Yeah! That’s huge that the beagle won best in show! Hooray Uno! Love the spicey orange socks too.

  3. Hooray for Uno! Hooray for orangey good socks! Hooray for the pinewood derby!

  4. Love the socks! 🙂

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