Hey It’s Biopsy Day!

OK, I’m still a little loopy as I took some anxiety meds before venturing with DH to the St. Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center this afternoon. Had my sterotactic biopsy done and there were some slight ouchy moments but all went well. All you have to do is speak up, like I did when I said “S*it I wasn’t expecting that!” and in went another dose of local anesthetic. Then it was just minor pinches and pokes and I was all done. Hell, if I had my knitting needles with me I could have poked the doctor (just joking, she was really nice). She even said from her initial observation it looks like a 95% probablility of my calcification being benign. They marked the biopsy site internally with a small clip which will be there permanently for future mammographic reference.

Phew…I’ll get the official results in 3 – 5 days and on Thursday I will find out if my Ariel is going to have beaglets next week. Keep your fingers crossed!


3 Responses

  1. And now the wait. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! (I see psychedelic beagles! Trippy, man.)

  2. Dude, you’re freaking me out with those trippy psychadelic beagles! Sending good vibes that the biopsy comes back fine!

  3. I have my fingers crossed for you!

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