SOS2008 Countdown!

It’s official – my sock knitting is on hold for a whopping 4 days until SOS2008 begins. I just swatched a little for my upcoming Nutkins Socks and decided that yes, size 1 DPNs are going to be the chosen tool of choice.

Here is my final sock installment for the Sock-A-Month5 Knitalong. They’re Cookie A.’s Monkeys knit from the Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra I purchased way back at Rhinebeck in ’06. I love the watery blue feeling this colorway evokes knitted up.

I am devoting all of my sock knitting energy to SOS2008 and have bid a temporary farewell to the Sock-A-Month gang. Woo-hoo – AROOOOO it’s getting closer and closer…just waiting for the ball sock to drop on June 21st!

Here’s my Monkeys – blue and bursting with color:


3 Responses

  1. Gorgeous Monkeys! You sure are excited for SOS! My sock mojo is kinda flagging. I prabably just need to to start a new sock for SOS08 and all will be well.

    BTW, got your check! Thanks

  2. Love your Monkeys!

  3. Amazing so vibrant wowzers;)Hugs Darcy

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