September Fun

It’s been a great month so far! Lady Luck seems to have struck and I had the winning ticket in 2 raffles I entered recently. The first win was the 30% of the 50/30/20 raffle at the Central NJ Hound Club’s annual show last week. It was for a not-to-shabby $84.00! It revived me after sweating it out with Nikol in the show ring in 90 degree + 100% humidity. We went second again, understandable as my little girl was acting a little “pokey” because she came into season for the first time that morning…Oh, well…the best laid plans!

We had a family outing to DH’s company picnic. Mercedes-Benz held their fall fest at the Platzl Brau House in Pomona, NY. There was a food drive, and when you donated a food item you received free raffle tickets. The prize? One of 5 Ipod Classics with 160gb of storage space. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! My number was unexpectedly called and I was the winner of Ipod #3. This will be a nice replacement for my little Ipod Shuffle. A few minutes later, Haley’s number was called. She had entered the children’s raffle for a big stuffed Dalmation. Too bad it wasn’t a beagle :o)

We had lots of fun and thankfully the rain held off. Here’s a photo of Haley and Daniel at the miniature golf course at the picnic:

I’m going to the Southern NY Beagle Specialty on Friday — I’m feeling lucky already!


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