Rhinebeck Recap

I drove up to Rhinebeck on Sunday with my knitting buddy Ina. I was surprised to turn around while walking through Building A and spot Amy Singer from Knitty! Ina graciously took our photo and I received 2 buttons from Amy for my superior celebrity knitter spotting :o) Here we are:

There was lots going on outside, including the ever-popular Pumpkin Chuckin Contest. It was wild to see huge pumpkins explode upon hitting the ground. Here’s the scene prior to chuckin’:

I was enveloped in the heady aroma of wool and spent happy hours, sniffing, touching and *yes,* purchasing 2 favorite skeins. A niddy noddy was on my list of equipment to buy, as were 3 books and some Jacquard dyes. Some handmade goatsmilk soap and 2 varieties of homemade fudge also made their way into my bag.

It was a fun day and thanks for joining me, Ina! We spotted Risa on our second trip to building A in the afternoon. Hi and sorry I missed ‘ya to my knitting friends I didn’t bump into at the show ;o)

Presenting my prized acquisitions from Rhinebeck 2008:



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