Beagle Birthday Alert!!!

Two years ago today Nikol, a.k.a. Foxfire’s Jumping Flash was born at 10:30 am.  She was the fourth of five adorable little girls and I knew immediately that she would stay with me. She still acts like a puppy and is tons of beagle fun and joy!

Happy Birthday, Nikol!!!

Nikol is the puppy in the middle.

Nikol is the puppy in the middle.

Nikol (foreground) snuggling with sister Lucy.

Nikol (foreground) snuggling with sister Lucy.

Nikol (l) rolling around with her mom, Ariel (r)

Nikol (l) rolling around with her mom, Ariel (r)


Drumroll Please…



Congratulations!!!  Please e-mail me your shipping info and I will send your yarn ASAP. I will be dyeing during the Xmas break so it won’t be long ;o)

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment – there were 50!

Breaking News…


Yes, it’s true!  I’m celebrating my 1-year anniversary of blogging today! A very big thanks to my knitting buddies who persuaded me to enter this enjoyable medium.
I used to be known as Blogless Nancy, not anymore bwahahahahah!!!!!

So, what’s the contest and more importantly, WHAT’S THE PRIZE???  Simply post your comment here before Tuesday, December 23rd, 10pm EST.  I will randomly select a name from all the posts and you will win a skein of Socks That Rock Lightweight yarn hand-dyed by ME!

Thanks again for your support and friendship, and here’s to more knitting in ’09…Happy Holidays!

Visions of Slip Stitches and Sailing Ships

I finished my Prism Socks and they’ll be just the thing to keep my feet warm when the snow falls.  It snowed a little here in Glen Ridge last Saturday, just enough to make me go dashing for the snowbrush for my truck. It cleared up in 15 minutes tops, so arming myself with a snow removal implement  seems to have warded off the white stuff (except for the white flurries cascading across my blog).

Here’s Prism – my November entry in Sock Knitters Anonymous on Ravelry. I used Louet Gems in teal for the main color and leftover Cherry Tree Hill for the accent color. This is a great way to use up those little balls of sock yarn that inevitably pile up in your stash bin!

The Glen Ridge Cub & Webelo Scouts had their first “Rain Gutter Regatta” on Monday night. I’m proud to say that my son Daniel came in 2nd in the Wolf Cub Division.  It was a blast to see all the kids blowing their catamarans down the PVC path with drinking straws and a lot of hot air! Daniel was just so excited and he missed getting 1st by a hair (or in this case, a puff of air).

Daniel (racer on left) blows his way to victory

Daniel (racer on left) blows his way home...

The Thrill of Victory!

The Thrill of Victory!

That’s all for now…check back in a few days as I will be announcing my Blogoversary Contest!!!