Knitting is a Hoot!

Owls c’est fini!  Actually, it’s been finished for a week now but blogging amnesia overtook me ;o) I enjoyed knitting this, and am pretty happy with the fit.  It was even kind of fun to sew on 42 buttons for the eyes – not!  The Louet Riverstone Chunky became softer and fuzzier after washing and blocking.  This sweater is absoluely cozy and with the unpredictable NJ weather we’ve had lately, I’ve been able to wear it twice! (Photo courtesy of DD, that’s why it’s slightly out-of-focus.)owls_front

I’m also making progress on my current socks, Yukon Leaves by Lela Conrad.  The Madelinetosh Sock yarn is absolutely a dream to knit with, no splitting on those ssk’s or picking up yo’s. This yarn is strong yet cushy and I’m predicting this sock will get worn A LOT. Here’s a nice sunlit photo taken late in the afternoon:


I took advantage of the nice weather last Sunday by visiting Brookdale Park. While my son and daughter played on the swings, I took the opportunity to walk Ariel and Nikol. Here we are recovering after a wild romp in the dogpark area:

brookdale 0309

Ariel was quite happy to go about sniffing the ground while at the dogpark. Nikol had other things in mind:

dogpark 032209

This beagle girl has NO SHAME, and made quite a few friends (and was also snarled at on several occasions). AROOOOOOOOOOO!


End of Winter Celebration

I jumped on the Owls sweater bandwagon and hope to finish it before the weather turns too warm. I probably would have been done already if I knitted size 42 from the start, instead of believing size 40 would fit. After frogging and reknitting the body I think this is going to be a close-to-perfect fit. The design incorporates Elizabeth Zimmerman’s hourglass waist decreases/increases for shaping. I’ve been looking for a fun yoke sweater to knit and I’m looking forward to the finished results. Yarn: Louet Riverstone Chunky in Sandalwood. It’s a pleasing earthy tone in a nice easy-to knit-with weight.  It’s been something like 2 years since I knit a sweater so I’m enjoying this a lot.Here’s a shot of the yarn:

On the sock front, I’m just about finished with my Evolution Ribbed Socks using Jitterbug yarn in “Sahara.”  It’s a wild colorway with a lot of contrast. And you know how comfy Jitterbug yarn is. Of course the second sock is not pictured due to the fact I started Owls before grafting the toe. You know how that goes!

It’s been a long, freakin’ cold winter and I’m ready for spring, here’s the next sock yarn in the wings:

I’ve never knit with Madelinetosh Sock yarn before, and this looks like a real treat. The colorway “Jade” is perfect for the upcoming season. Most likely I will knit a lace leaf pattern, but anything can change ;o)

The Thrill of Victory…Marching Along

I’ve been working on the Secret Mystery Shawl 7 for awhile now…and I’m proud to say I’ve declared myself victorious and made it up to Row 50 last night. This is after many froggings and switching from laceweight to fingering and changing needle sizes a few times. I discovered I had been slipping 2 stitches when I should have K2TOGed…just slight mistakes like that which alters stitch count and makes for crazy, frenzy frogging.

And another WIP has marched over the threshold to becoming an FO! These are my Trekking XXL Zitron 108 socks, made for SAM5. They are very comfy and my first fraternal patterned socks.