Newly Acquired Stash, WIPs and Beagles, of Course!

Recently I won Kim’s 200th blog post contest. I eagerly anticipated my prize’s arrival and this is what I received – yowsa!!!

Surprise Package

This aweseome yarn haul includes 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Watercolor”, The Sanguine Gryphon’s handpainted sock yarn in “Malta,” a skein of Prairie Silks worsted by Brown Sheep Yarn Co. in “Treasury Turquoise,” 2 skeins of Rio de la Plata Handspun worsted in “Hilado a Mano,” and a Flat Feet sock blank from Conjoined Creations. Also included: a cool little zippered tote with a sample pack of Soak wool wash and a vintage postcard of the location where W.O.O.L. is now held.

Wow! As you can plainly see I gasped in ecstacy from the wool fumes and boy do I LOVE prizes! Thank you Kim for everything, this will keep me busy for quite awhile :o)

Here is the first WIP, as you probably guessed it’s a sock!  I really do have other projects lined up for 2009, but socks come first. The pattern is Minestrone Socks by AstridKnits. I’m using up leftover yarn to do all the crazy Fair Isling and it’s a lot of ends to weave in, but fun and definitely a challenge:


The second sock I’m working on is the Narragansett Bay Socks by Lisa Lloyd. The pattern is in her awesome book, A Fine Fleece. I was inspired to dye some Malabrigo Sock yarn in burgundy for this project. I’m in love with this textured pattern – and what could be better than knitting socks with this yarn?

Narragansett Socks

I entered some of my beagles’ photos in the “Picture Perfect Pet Contest.” I’m a total sucker for pet photo contests, and figure since they’ve had several non-paying professional photography jobs for the American Kennel Club and breed calendars, why not try for some $$$. Please vote for Ariel, Nikol, Ariel’s son Chester, or all three!

Here’s mother and daughter beagle rolling around on the kitchen floor, they’re real hams!

Cuteness Knows No Bounds!

Cuteness Knows No Bounds!


Slipping Around

The centering nature of my knitting has kept me sane time and again. I’ve been especially appreciative of my fiber hobby since last week, when my Mercedes ML was struck unexpectedly by (start your engines ) a f*%&g garbage truck!  Right in front of my own house. The not-so-pleasant driver of the offending vehicle stated that I was going too fast, when in actuality I was slowed to a grand total of about 5 mph, getting ready to turn into my driveway. Offending vehicle was idling parked on the wrong side facing the wrong way and he missed seeing my SUV.  It was hair-raising, to say the least, but luckily he wasn’t going fast so I escaped without a scratch. My truck wasn’t so lucky.

The Mercedes was on a company lease and due to be returned next week. Ouch.

The Glen Ridge police quickly responded and I let the officer do the talking —  I never said another word to the driver of the garbage truck as he looked like he wanted to eat me for breakfast! And he looked even more thrilled when he was told that it was his fault and he was facing north when he should have been facing south. Then he would have spotted me in his sideview mirror.

I’ve been happily slip-stitching this Prism sock since last weekend – I really like how the colors are playing out:

Keep on knitting and watch out for trucks that are bigger than yours!